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Заветам Эллиота Роджера верны


All nine of those killed in a far-right terror attack on two shisha bars in Germany had migrant backgrounds, authorities say, while a number of foreigners are also believed to be among the six wounded...

The gunman was named as 43-year-old Tobias Rathjen, a far-right conspiracy theorist who advocated ethnic cleansing in a 24-page manifesto posted online, who opened fire in his hometown starting at 10pm...

An examination of the website by MailOnline shows that Rathjen was obsessed by aliens, mind control, Satanic sacrifice and believed he was under government surveillance - which he blamed on his inability to get a girlfriend.

Rathjen also advocated ethnic cleansing, vowing to wipe out entire countries including Israel, most of the Middle East, some Asian nations, North Africa, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Germans who he considered to be 'impure',

'I can imagine halving the population,' he wrote.

Немец всё правильно сделал.

Вот в том числе поэтому я поддерживаю полную легализацию огнестрела. Пусть и в Эрефушке происходят подобные вещи, да почаще. И да, пожалуй, можно быть уверенным, что здесь они бы происходили почаще, учитывая поведение наташ.

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